Do you ship internationally?

At this stage, we only ship Australia wide.

Do you ship all over Australia?

We sure do.

How long will my box take to get here?

All Aktivaal boxes will be dispatched within 3 days of receiving your order. All of our products are shipped by courier. If you’re not home at the time, a card will be left with collection details.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or paypal. Unfortunately, we are unable to take payment over the phone.


What dumbbell weight should I choose?

If you’re a beginner, start with a 1-2kg weight. For those who have a higher level of strength, go for the 3-4kg. Remember the weight needs to challenge you but not be impossible to hold.

What are the swiss ball sizes?

The 55cm swiss ball is a great size for those who are returning to exercise or who are treating an injury. The 65cm swiss ball is the largest size and can be used to really challenge and increase the difficulty of an exercise.

How do I adjust my skipping rope?

To adjust the length of the rope, you will need a set of pliers and simply cut to the length you require. Use the enclosed allen key to replace the rope covers before using.

I’m worried the Physioroller is going to be too hard?

The Physioroller is perfect for beginners. It has a smaller diameter than conventional rollers, making it less painful for releasing tense muscles.

What’s the best way to wash my stainless steel water bottle?

We recommend handwash only.


How do I clean my yoga mat? All of the yoga mats have a suede top and natural rubber bottom. Simply just wipe down post-practice.

What is the size and thickness of the yoga mat?

The dimensions are 183cm x 63cm and 5mm thick. The mini me yoga mats are 153cm x 63cm and also 5mm thick.


Can you tell me more about the goggles? Speedo Biofuse products mould to fit the shape of your face. They’re soft and flexible, making them comfortable to wear. They also have anti-fog ultra lenses to ensure your vision stays clear throughout your swim.

What size flippers am I?

All flippers are sold in US sizes. Please see the chart below:

US | 3-4 | 5-6 | 7-8 | 9-10 | 11-12 | 13-14 |

UK | 2-3 | 4-5 | 6-7 | 8-9 | 10-11 | 11-12 |

EUR | 35-36 | 37-38 | 39-49 | 42-43 | 44-46 | 47-48 |